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Comcast's Act Two Program: Restarting the Careers of Caregivers

The Act Two program at Comcast is a way to help caregivers who have taken a break reenter the workforce.
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Marketing Your Personal Brand

Learn tips from a Comcast recruiter on how to market your personal brand.
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Virtual Interviewing Tips: After the Interview

The hard part is over - you completed your virtual interview! But waiting to find out where you are in the interview process can be just as nerve racking as the actual interview. In this article, Comcast recruiters are helping you take the guess work out of the interview process. Keep reading below for tips and best practices on how to follow up after your interview.
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Virtual Interviewing Tips: Tips to Remember During Your Interview

As technology continues to evolve and shape the way we work, virtual interviews are rapidly becoming the new norm. Recruiters and hiring managers agree that virtual interviews should be treated as if they were conducted in the office. Comcast recruiters provide great advice to help you successfully navigate your way through a virtual interview – putting you one step closer to joining our team.

Virtual Interviewing Tips: Before the Interview

When it’s time for a virtual job interview, making sure you’re set up for success is the first step in landing your dream job. To help you make the best of your virtual interview, Comcast recruiters and hiring managers are revealing why preparing beforehand is so important and sharing their tips on how to utilize your “home court” advantage.

Talent Tips: Receiving Feedback with Mike Cavanagh

Mike Cavanagh, Senior Executive Vice President & Chief Financial Officer, and APA Executive Champion, shares his thoughts on why it's important to be open when receiving feedback.

The Comcast Internship Experience

Are you a current student or recent graduate? We have a variety of roles ranging from internship and cooperative educational programs to rotational opportunities that make Comcast NBCUniversal the perfect place to start your career journey. In this video, you'll gain the perspective of our interns and a few teammates who were recently converted from interns to full time employees.

Meet Brittany, Communications Technician Working at Comcast

Meet Brittany, a Comcast Communications Technician. As an in-house technician, she runs cable lines, installs equipment and troubleshoots problems. Find out why she loves interacting with her customers and how she's shattering stereotypes - one 28 ft. ladder at a time.

A Dash of Persistence and a Pinch of Strategy: Comcast Sales Director Shares Recipe for Sales Success

We sat down with Lori McCaffrey, Director of Enterprise Sales at Comcast to find out more about her career in sales, advice she would give to those entering the field, and how Comcast invests in the career growth and development of its employees.
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The Dos and Don’ts of Building a Successful Career in Sales

Michelle Pluskota is the Vice President of Business Services, responsible for developing and implementing strategies to drive growth and business results for Comcast Business in the Big South Region.