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Eve sitting at a table smiling

Meet Eve: Showcase Delivery Engineer at Comcast

Meet Eve, a Showcase Delivery Engineer at Comcast. Eve facilitates Xfinity product demonstrations, telling the story about how all of Comcast's amazing innovations and services work together and how our customers can be impacted by them.
Tosin in Comcast Lobby smiling with Philadelphia skyline in the background

Tosin, Sr. Director of Product Management, is Raising the Bar

Tosin Omolewu, Senior Director, Product Management, brings a unique perspective to Comcast that is helping to shape our culture, our products, and our customer experience for the better. 

Meet Kwame: Sr. Specialist, Music Editor

Kwame oversee the scheduling programming, maintaining of the editorial destination for both kids and music.

Comcast Announces $100 Million Multiyear Plan to Advance Social Justice and Equality

Racism, hate and inequality have no place in our company or society. We are committing $100 million to a comprehensive, multiyear plan focused on social justice, our employees, awareness & education, digital equity and small businesses.
Melanie Penna standing by flags and smiling

Melanie Penna: Supporting Our Veterans and Their Families

Melanie Penna, Senior Vice President of People & Integration for the TPX organization, serves as one of four executive champions on VetNet. At a recent Adam’s Corner event, we sat down with Melanie to discover how she became involved and why she is so passionate about it.