woman on a virtual interview with woman on computer screen

Virtual Interviewing Tips: Tips to Remember During Your Interview

As technology continues to evolve and shape the way we work, virtual interviews are rapidly becoming the new norm. Recruiters and hiring managers agree that virtual interviews should be treated as if they were conducted in the office. The ability to effectively show enthusiasm and interest, sell your qualifications, and send the right “vibe", presents unique challenges in the absence of in-person interaction. Here is some great advice from Comcast recruiters to help you successfully navigate your way through a virtual interview – putting you one step closer to joining our team.

With virtual interviews, it's even more important to be aware of how you're presenting yourself in front of the camera. In some cases, video interviews may be taped and played back for others involved in the hiring process at a later time. Practice and preparation are key to helping you look your best in front of the camera.

3 Tips on How to Display Confidence

Try to be cognizant of movement. Show confidence by looking into the camera when speaking and listening. Candidates should try to practice with a friend or peer before the interview. They may be moving their hands too quickly and a practice run with a friend helps them become aware of their movements.
University Relations Recruiter
Always practice for your video interview the same way you would for in person. Consider responding to a series of practice interview questions in front of a mirror or via FaceTime with a friend or colleague. You want to make sure that you are aware of where your eyes are looking and how you look on camera. 
Talent Partner, Tech Ops
Remember to eat a light snack before, speak at a moderate speed, smile, breathe, reframe your nerves and instead of you “being nervous” tell yourself you are “excited” and remember that it is just a conversation so let your personality shine.
Video interviews are looking like the new normal and the more a candidate can do to prepare the better the call will go. Interviews can even be nerve racking for the hiring team as they would much rather be in person as well, but as we navigate through this new space the more we can become comfortable on video the more confident we will portray ourselves. Savannah

  • Don't dress casually. You don't have to wear a full suit or power blazer, but dress nice. If you're not sure, check with the recruiter prior to the interview.  You are still trying to show up well and prove you are taking this seriously. - Brennan, Sr. Recruiter

  • Dress for your virtual interview the same way you would for your in-person interview! Wearing business formal attire shows you care about how you present yourself and sets the tone for the rest of your interview. Never wear leisure clothing or lounge-ware when participating in virtual interviews! - Rick, University Relations Recruiter

  • The method/vehicle used to interview a candidate, i.e. video or in-person is irrelevant.  First impressions are very important, and an interview is, in many cases, the first introduction of the candidate to the business.  Dressing professional demonstrates the level of experience, commitment, confidence and thoroughness that hiring managers are interested in. - Jami, Tech Ops Partner 

What to do if you get disconnected from your interview
"It is important to remain calm during this situation and if the candidate can reconnect with the interviewers, apologize and do not let that impact the remaining time with the business," says Jami. Comcast recruiters Richard and Savannah also recommend the following:

If you get disconnected with your interviewer at any time during your conversation, try and rejoin using the platform immediately.

Make sure you have the interviewer's phone number and email address prior to the interview. If you are disconnected and can't rejoin immediately, call the interviewer to let them know.

If you are having trouble reconnecting, have a back-up plan handy. Be ready to continue the conversation via phone or FaceTime.

If all else fails, ask your interviewer if you can reschedule the interview at a later time.