Internships provide hands-on experience for people looking to develop their careers and provide an idea of what it’s really like to work in a particular field. But what happens when a global pandemic changes where and how people work? Here’s a look at how Comcast Technology Solutions was able to create an authentic and meaningful internship experience in a remote environment. 

This summer, despite in-person working restrictions, Comcast Technology Solutions (CTS) launched a successful 11-week virtual program hosting nine paid interns. Hiring managers were encouraged to develop interesting projects for participants and create opportunities that would grow their skills while supporting the business.


Comcast Technology Solutions provides a portfolio of media, entertainment, and technology solutions.

“Comcast is in the business of connecting people to one another” said Stephanie, Senior Manager, Human Resources. “We are always thinking about how we provide experience and exposure to help individuals grow. The internship program is one way that we support our communities by offering students experience working for a Fortune 40 technology company, while also providing our Comcast employees leadership development opportunities to serve as mentors and people leaders.

Siena, Sales and Customer Excellence Intern
For Siena, a Sales and Customer Excellence intern studying economics and interactive media, the program provided learning opportunities and professional development experience relevant to her coursework and future career. She supported her team by analyzing CTS competitors, researching how they develop and market their products and services, and proposing actions that CTS could take based on the findings.

"One of my goals was to understand how messaging trends are evolving,” explained Siena. “A project of mine was to create product matrixes for the D2C Suite and Live Linear Suite by looking at our competitors, identifying whether there was overlap, strengths or weaknesses, and determining how CTS could react.”

One of the primary benefits of any internship program is for participants to experience an office environment and observe the company culture. Because the program was all-virtual, hiring managers had to create deliberate opportunities for interns to interact with other employees and teams to learn about the business and gain exposure. To do this, an intern education series featuring guest speakers from across CTS was launched.

We saw this internship as an opportunity to bring somebody with fresh perspective to our team. Will
Hiring Manager/Sales and Customer Excellence Analyst

Noah, Program Delivery Intern
In addition to guest speakers and offering real-world work experience to students, the program alleviates workload by providing critical support on special projects. Ambika, Senior Director, Program Delivery, collaborated with intern Noah to launch a new app feature this summer.

The feature that Noah supported, called Overview 2.0, changed the look and feel of the xFi app for partners and added customer-facing cards to help them promote other products, such as pods or cameras, to their customers.

“This internship project wasn’t just taking notes or attending meetings, Noah launched a key feature to our partners, which is a huge achievement for CTS,” said Ambika. “He adds value to the team, and it’s also great for him to build his resume.”

To view current internship opportunities, please see visit the Students & Early Career page on the Comcast Career Site.