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Reimagining the Olympics X1 Experience

It’s an honor to be the company that brings the Olympic Games to America, and the best way to watch the Games is on Xfinity X1. Our extraordinary employee teamwork across the enterprise has led to an unprecedented, unparalleled viewing experience for our customers. Our efforts not only raised the bar for future, large scale viewing events, but also opened the door to new ways of working across boundaries and technological spaces.

Kunle Ekundare: Bringing a New Product to Life

Kunle Ekundare, Director of Product Management, is one of the product engineers that helped bring the new next generation Xfinity xFi Gateway to life. We spoke with Kunle about the significance of WiFi 6, his experience as an engineer and a former member of the customer service team, as well as Comcast’s culture.

From Idea to Impact: Supporting Hurricane Harvey Relief Efforts

Thousands of our employees and customers were directly impacted by the devastating effects of Hurricane Harvey. In the immediate aftermath of the storm, our focus shifted from normal business operations to caring for the people in the region. Comcast's Disaster Relief Task Force helped our customers, fellow employees and neighbors recover. Watch as Darcy talks about how she and her team created an innovative, new way to log in and stay connected through the Xfinity Stream app.
Pet Finder on Mobile Device

Finding Fido With AI-Powered Pet Detection

Artificial Intelligence is a complex technology that’s at its best when it makes our lives simpler. That’s why we’re so excited about the new AI-powered features of our Xfinity cameras which can spot your dog, and make it super easy to find clips where he’s doing something cute…or something naughty.
Xfinity Home app on mobile display

New AI-Powered Feature Takes the Guesswork out of Home Cameras

We recently introduced a new artificial-intelligence-powered feature in our Xfinity Home 24/7 video recording service that makes it much easier for customers to pinpoint the moment when their home cameras capture movement. The feature is just the latest example of how AI is helping us to make our products even better and evolve the overall customer experience.
X1 Remote

Comcast Wins Emmy Award For X1 Voice Remote Technology

Award honors the technology teams that build and develop the X1 Voice Remote’s powerful cloud-based software platform.
Xfinity X1 Platform on TV Screen

Behind-the-Scenes Look at the Technology Driving Xfinity X1’s Interactive Features

Xfinity X1 is a platform for innovation, enabling us to provide content partners with the tools to deliver new, real-time experiences that will surprise and delight viewers, and provide customers with new ways to access, enjoy and interact with their favorite entertainment directly on the television.