Our Commitment

From continuing your education to unique benefits, Comcast NBCUniversal is an employer that provides a place for military community employees to thrive in their careers.


Military Benefits

When you're a part of our team, we want to make sure that you're taken care of, regardless of where and when you're serving. We’re also dedicated to supporting Military Spouses in their professional development and have a number of benefits and programs to specifically assist them in a successful career transition with Comcast NBCUniversal.


You can take up to 15 days paid time off each year for National Guard and Reserve training in addition to normal paid time off.

We will bridge the gap between your pay in the military and your pay at Comcast for up to 3 years if you are called up for active duty.

A dedicated team to assist employees and their families to better understand our enhanced benefits.

If you’re called to active duty, you keep your Comcast NBCUniversal benefits plan for up to three years.

If you are a spouse of a military member and must move for a military reason, we will provide transfer assistance to help you continue your career.

It’s incredibly important to us as a company to reach out and let this community know we’re aware of the challenges they face and that we’re here to support them. We like to say we’re more than military-friendly; we’re military-ready. CAROL EGGERT
SVP, Military & Veteran Affairs and Brigadier General (Retired), U.S. Army

Veteran's Network

Our Veteran-focused Employee Resource Group has over 9,800 members across the company. VetNet empowers its members—Veterans and Veteran Supporters—by providing mentorship, peer-to-peer support and service opportunities while you grow in your life and career.

Our Partners

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Working to help empower other employers across the country to succeed in their military hiring efforts and also educate HR professionals on best practices to attract, hire, and retain Veterans.

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We're committed to employing more than 21,000 members of the military community.

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Comcast NBCUniversal is the first National Sponsor of Bunker Labs, a non-profit organization that empowers veteran entrepreneurs and military-owned businesses.

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Comcast NBCUniversal is a supporter of the Department of Defense program promotion coordination and understanding between civilian employers and their National Guard and reserve employees.