We're not just webscale, we are the web.

At Comcast, building security at scale is not just about keeping a website live and safe, it's about keeping the internet alive.

The Comcast cybersecurity team are passionate and pioneering professionals responsible for securing one of the world’s largest networks, keeping the internet safe for tens of millions of homes and businesses, and the technology running a Fortune 30 company.


Meet Comcast's Cybersecurity Team

We’re growing. Fast.

At Comcast, every day is an opportunity to grow your career in new ways. We’re always looking for people who think freely and contribute fearlessly. People who thrive on our team have a few key characteristics, including:

Security Mind Set

They have insatiable curiosity and a drive for finding, breaking, and fixing things.

Eagerness to Learn

They may not know everything, but they enthusiastically dive into anything.

An evangelist's spirit

They understand security isn’t about ivory towers and enforcement but rather an opportunity to enable teammates and colleagues.

Something to share

They view cybersecurity as a bigger cause and make contributions to the open source community.

Image of technician looking at a server

We do cool work.

We work collaboratively with teams throughout Comcast to build security into all applications, services, and infrastructure.