Comcast India Engineering Center (CIEC)

The Comcast India Engineering Center (CIEC), located in Chennai, Tamil Nadu, is a technology hub focused on engineering, development, capability and innovation. Teams at the CIEC are critical partners who support Comcast, NBCUniversal and Sky businesses and work closely through exceptionally collaborative relationships.

As part of our company’s global workforce, the CIEC leverages India’s technology-rich talent pool to help deliver our company’s product and technology roadmap. Over the past few years, the CIEC team has worked on:

Various AI initiatives, including ones related to our frontline teammates

Product build-out for syndication partners

User experience and Xfinity App development

Cybersecurity efforts to secure customer and employee data

Healthcare + Life Insurance

Healthcare, Life, Accidental Death and Disability, and Travel Insurance

Retirement + Gratuity Plans

Employee provident funds for retirement and gratuity plan

Women's Wellness Programs

Women’s Wellness Programs

We also offer on-site amenities in our offices, which includes the following:

  • Employee training programmes
  • 6,000 sq ft lab space
  • Telepresence units
  • A fully equipped gym
  • Male and female break rooms
  • Local transportation shuttle services


TECHWomen provides a forum for women technologists – across Comcast, NBCU and Sky –  and their supporters to connect across the enterprise, contribute to our broader technology and innovation strategy, and inspire a deeper impact within our company and communities. Our thriving chapter at the CIEC has more than 250 members and organizes professional development, networking and cultural appreciation events throughout the year.

The CIEC is ready to expand its team, leveraging specific skills for success in key technology areas, promoting productivity, accountability, and integration.

Check out the job categories below:

Enterprise Analytics & Data Intelligence