Comcast is bringing Team USA and the Olympic Winter Games home to everyone.

Bringing the thrill and excitement of the Olympic Winter Games into the homes of millions of Americans and supporting Team USA is one of our greatest honors. Every Olympic and Paralympic Games, we embark on a company-wide effort to create an unparalleled viewing experience - ensuring our viewers don’t miss a second of the action.

Introducing the Game Changers

While Team USA is bringing home the gold, Comcast is bringing home every moment of the Winter Olympics. Collaboration is at the forefront, as our teams bring ideas to life - reimagining technology that pushes us forward and creating one-of-a-kind experiences they can be proud of. From Opening Ceremony to Closing Ceremony, our dedicated teammates are working behind the scenes, bringing their excitement and passion as they go the extra mile to connect millions. Get to know some of them.


"My team is responsible for delivering a full, robust content experience. For me, that means bringing the whole group together. Whether it's our technologists and the viewing experience, our marketing partners and PR partners telling the story, or our internal communications teams, I make sure all of our employees are on the same page and are excited about what they're doing. Sometimes, that involves working with technical experts across multiple states to digest, package and deliver content to customers in a timely manner."

“I’m responsible for coaching, training and developing a dedicated team of passionate sales professionals who deliver Xfinity products and solutions directly to our customers. The Olympic Winter Games are an especially exciting time for us."

“In essence, our team is responsible for ensuring we deliver the right message to the right people at the right place and time. Each year, we challenge ourselves to do something bigger and better than what we did the year before. That keeps it exciting. We make a conscious decision – how do we deliver something even better to viewers?”

Striving to continually improve one’s performance is also what it’s all about for Team USA at the Olympic Winter Games. Lisa’s favorite event is curling. “My husband and I have such a great time watching it. We’ll watch, research it online and try to figure out all the strategies.

“This is really great during the Winter Olympics because it allows customers to tune directly to live programming and live events that are happening throughout the platform. For example, my best friends and I get together during the Winter Olympics for a big party. We have a lot of fun and even do a little armchair coaching!”

“My role is a chief of staff type of role. It involves people strategy, internal communications, employee engagement, cultural advocacy, financial modeling, and technical project management. For the Olympic Winter Games, Comcast is delivering a variety of 4k linear feeds as well as some unique advertising initiatives. My job is to intake and prioritize these complex projects to ensure delivery under a very short timeframe.”

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Join our team.

Supporting Team USA at the Olympic Winter Games is just the beginning. At Comcast, you'll have the opportunity to grow your career with the support of a world-class team and make a meaningful impact in the lives of others.