Together We Build

Our Company’s culture is built on integrity and respect—with the goal of working together to drive ourselves and our businesses to always be creative, innovative, and competitive. We are guided by:

  • An entrepreneurial spirit
    We embrace good ideas and bring them to life quickly. We’re forward-looking and restless in looking for new ways to innovate for our customers.
  • Doing the right thing and acting with integrity
    It’s as simple as doing what’s right and treating people the right way.
  • Respect for each other
    We are committed to a culture of fairness, respect, and inclusion: within our leadership and our workforce, with our customers and suppliers, in our programming, and in the communities we serve.
  • Giving back
    We have a long history of supporting local communities and organizations wherever we do business. We use our voice, resources, and reach to create positive and substantive change in people’s lives in our communities.


Outline of a stack of cash with one point eight billion dollars written under it

$1.8B cash and in-kind giving benefiting minorities since YE 2010

A drawing of two hands holding a heart with numbers, letters, and symbols to indicate contributions totaling eight-seven million dollars

$87M cash and in-kind giving to minority-led and minority-serving organizations in 2018

Four stick figures – two male, two female – with one hundred twenty thousand plus written below it

120K+ volunteers on Comcast Cares Day in 2019

Outline of four people over the statistic 62%

62% of our employees were women or people of color at year-end 2018

Outline of two hands shaking over the statistic $18B

$18B+ spent with diverse Tier I suppliers since year-end 2010

Outlines of a TV monitor and remote over the statistic 100+

100+ diverse networks on Xfinity platforms

Outline of a laptop over the statistic 8M+

8M+ low-income Americans connected to the internet at home through Internet Essentials

Outline of two hands holding a heart over the statistic $650M

$650M invested since 2011 in digital literacy training and awareness programs

Outline of four people over the statistic 9.5M

9.5M people reached through digital literacy training and awareness programs

Our culture is based on the core tenets of integrity, respect, and an unwavering commitment to diversity and inclusion. David L. Cohen
Senior Executive Vice President and Chief Diversity Officer, Comcast Corporation

A drawing of a lightbulb with the number eleven million under it

11M kilowatt hours reduced annually through investment of nearly $5 million in LED lighting in 2018

A symbol of a windmill with the number four thousand under it

4K — equivalent number of passenger vehicles eliminated from the road through investment in the HillTopper wind project

An image of a medal with the number thirty-eight under it

38 Green Seals received from Environmental Media Association, for film and TV productions that implement sustainable practices

Outline of a badge over the statistic 21K

Committed to hiring more than 21K members of the military by 2021

Outline of four people over the statistic 8.4K

8.4K members of the Veterans Network, one of our 8 Employee Resource Groups

Outline of two hands holding a dollar sign over the statistic $151M

$151M in cash and in-kind giving to military-related nonprofits since 2001

Outline of a TV monitor and a remote control over the statistic 2.7M

2.7M set top boxes with at least one accessibility feature enabled

Outline of a wheelchair of the statistic ~25%

An estimated 25% of American adults have some form of disability, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention


Together We Build: 2020 Values Report

Read our 2020 Values Report, which highlights some of the key priorities that reflect our company’s values, as well as the stories that help bring those values to life each and every day.