Pre-application FAQs

Application Status

Have you recently applied for a position with Comcast? Click here to check your application status (please note: logging in from a desktop computer provides the best experience). Not sure what your status means? The below outlines what each application status means so you can better understand your place in the process. Check it out:

In-Process Candidates:

If your application is still being reviewed, you may receive one of the following status updates:

  • Thanks! We've received your application.
  • We're currently reviewing your application.
  • You've been emailed an Assessment.
  • We've received your assessment Results.
  • We look forward to speaking with you.
  • Stay Tuned! You're still being considered.

These updates mean your application is still "In Process" – our recruiters and hiring managers are in the process of reviewing candidates, but haven't made a decision quite yet. Be sure to keep an eye on your email if you receive a status update regarding an assessment. We may need some more information from you before moving forward.

Not Selected Candidates:

Candidates who have not been selected may receive one of the following status updates:

  • Applicant Not Interested/Withdrawn – This status indicates that the candidates expressed disinterest in the position or a portion of the position (pay, benefits, location, etc.).
  • Not Selected - This status indicates that another candidate has been selected for the position and/or the position has closed.
  • Position Cancelled - This status indicates that Comcast has determined that the position is no longer needed and not filled.

If you receive a "Not Selected" status, don't be discouraged. Continue to check out ComcastCareers.com - we add brand new jobs every day - for roles that match your interests and skillset.

Post-Application FAQs

Technical FAQs

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