Our People

Meet Krista: Director, Content Strategy

Q: What are your responsibilities at Comcast?

A: As the Senior Manager, Content Strategy, I oversee the planning, management, and development of content for digital projects, including optimization of content across multiple self-service platforms and influencing acquisition content decisions. I manage a team of copywriters and work closely with the Product Owners and UX Designers to ensure content is presented in a manner that is consistent with brand guidelines, achieves the goals of the business, and meets the needs of our users. Our goal is to drive digital adoption by providing business customers with choice, flexibility, and control when managing their services.

Q: What made you enter this particular field?

A: I am passionate about brand storytelling, creating engaging digital content and delivering great customer experiences.  Digital is ever-changing and everyday I face different challenges which allow me to learn, grow and work on solutions with some of the smartest people in the industry. Being the voice of a brand, whether it is on television for a fashion brand, in marketing communications or online in self-service, has given me the opportunity to reach and feel connected to consumers. There is more focus now than ever on how businesses treat and interact with customers and I take that responsibility seriously.

Q: What is the most rewarding aspect of your job? Most difficult?

A: I love knowing that the content my team creates truly impacts how a business operates and guides them through critical moments in their customer journey. If a business customer is leaving the office over the holidays, my team provides tips on mobility. If they sign into one of our self-service platforms like My Account or the Comcast Business App, my team writes the copy that guides through tasks like paying their bill or managing their services. During customer onboarding, my team helps to prepare the emails, welcome kits, and digital experience that greets them as a Comcast Business customer. And if a business customer is experiencing a crisis like severe weather, network maintenance or connectivity issues that directly impact their business, my team helps guide them to the digital tools that are available in their time of need. Creating these customer experiences are both the most rewarding and difficult aspects of my job simultaneously because my team is the voice of Comcast Business during critical moments There is no greater feeling than knowing that the work you produce truly impacts the lives and businesses of our customers.  

Q: Any advice for someone interested in entering the digital content field?

A: My advice would be:

  • Always put the customer first
  • Be a creative problem solver
  • There is room for all kinds of careers in digital; find your niche but be open to learning new roles
  • Research the industry
  • Find a mentor