Our employees are at the heart of everything we do. It’s the thousands of talented, creative, and inspiring individuals - lending their unique voices and working together behind the scenes - that fuels true innovation that impacts millions. 

Take a peek behind the scenes and discover what it's really like working at Comcast. Explore our Realistic Job Preview videos below featuring Comcasters from a variety of professions, roles, and locations.

Raising the Bar: Accessibility Innovation on X1
For Daisy, an engineer with Comcast Labs, it was her father’s battle with multiple sclerosis and her uncle’s struggle with PTSD that ignited her passion for accessibility and led to the creation of Safe Sound, a groundbreaking audio compression and normalization algorithm for the X1 platform. See how Daisy’s effort is driving impact for our customers and innovation for an entire industry.
When I came to Comcast, I realized I had made the best decision of my life. Daisy
Software Engineer


Meet Krista

Krista serves as the Senior Manager of Content Strategy on the Customer and Digital Experience team for Comcast Business. Learn more about Krista and how she's making an impact at Comcast.

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