Meet Our Techs


At Comcast on any given day you are challenged to think outside the box.  We have new apps and online tools that aids in troubleshooting mainline problems more effectively and in some cases instant snap shot of real time corrected issues.   What I love about the culture at Comcast: The thing I love about the culture of Comcast is Team work.  I have always worked alongside some great individuals both in service and maintenance.  I have learned and grabbed knowledge along the way from many.   Today, I consider my co-workers family whenever I call for assistance they are always right there when I need them.


I am so driven and passionate towards my career whether it’s figuring out a new solution or explaining how I got to this conclusion. Comcast has really refined my troubleshooting ability for me to identify quickly what the main pain of a problem is in order for customers to be more than satisfied and comforted within their convenience.


I’ve always loved using my hands, putting things together and problem solving. Every day is a different experience that I’m always looking forward to. I bring so much joy to my customers with not only servicing and fixing their cable, but it’s always a pleasant surprise when they see a female technician ready to work with a tool bag and 60 lb ladder.


Along with the long list of benefits that Comcast continuously offers, it 's  has given me a sense of security and comfort, a chance to meet different individuals from different cultures everyday just by walking into their homes. I love that I've been able to touch base in different areas of the workplace giving me the chance to continuously learn more about how everything works and comes together.