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Meet Kwame: Sr. Specialist, Music Editor

Kwame is a Sr. Specialist, Music Editor at Comcast. He oversees the scheduling, programming, and maintaining of the editorial destination for both kids and music. 

What is a destination on the Xfinity platform?

A destination is a collection of programming that we use to help customers engage with our products on the platform. A destination might be something as simple as a collection of movies that you might have missed. Or it can be a list of music streaming services, playlists, music videos, your favorite artists. It can be a wide variety of things. 

Tell us about the destination you created for Black History Month.

For Black History Month I created a destination called, “A Cultural Crescendo” which showed the evolution of black music. My aim was to look at black music throughout history. I decided to go through the various years and decades, in which black music was a dominating factor or a very historical piece. The destination starts in the early 19th Century with Jazz and Blues. Then to the 60s and 70s with Funk and Soul, to the 90s and early 2000s with the rise of Hip Hop and R&B. Then we're focusing on today's trendsetters and how black music has really impacted today's culture.


What do you want X1 and Flex customers to get out of this collection?

One thing I want customers to take away from this destination is the appreciation for black music. They really see its roots and the different transformations it's taken over the years and how everything is committed to where we're at today and not just black music, but also music in general. I think that we look at things in a vacuum sometimes and we don't really see the progression of things and you won't see where things really started into. We just look at where things are at right now. So hopefully this destination will give people appreciation of how music has transformed.


Morning Routine
  • Wake up around 7:30
  • Head to the gym for a quick workout
  • Get ready and leave for work
Work Day
  • Begin work at 9 am
  • Check and answer emails
  • Review schedule for the day
  • Reviewing programming content
  • Meet with business partners about available content, how to program it, and different ways to offer it to our customers
  • Head home around 5 pm
  • Unwinds by listening to music
  • Practice playing the piano or listen to instrumentals - he is also a music producer in his spare time!

How can you tell if what you’re creating is resonating with customers?

The best kind of feedback I get is through data. Music gets a lot of engagement on a weekly basis. I know because I can check the count of voice commands. Whether streaming hours are up or app launches are up. That is the best way I can tell that what I'm programming is resonating with customers. Another great way I can see if what I'm doing is working is the feedback I get from my coworkers. If something isn't right, they'll be the first ones to tell me and vice versa. If something is great and they loved it, they will be the first ones to tell me.

So what's a typical day like for you at Comcast?

Working in the music section, I get to interact with a lot of different people just because music touches a lot of different areas within Xfinity. Whether it's someone who needs a music soundtrack for a TV show or movie, or they need just a collection of songs to include into their own personal destination. They usually come to me with questions about, what are some of the creative ways we can serve it up to customers?

Who are some of your favorite musical artists?

My favorite artists include Kendrick, Drake, J-Cole, obviously Beyonce - because who doesn't love Bey? Marvin Gaye, Bob Marley,  Frank Ocean. Frank Ocean is great. 

What do you like most about working for Comcast?

So my favorite part about working at Comcast specifically is the culture and the people that I work with. I'm big on culture in a workplace. I feel like I'm blessed and very fortunate to be in this position and to work with so many great people, whether they work on my team or not. It really makes coming to work that much easier, knowing that I'm going to see smiling faces - I'm going to see friends and not just coworkers. It really changes the whole dynamic of what I think of as work.