Kay sitting on orange loveseat in Comcast building lounge
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Meet Kay: Director of Talent Management

Kay serves as the Director of Talent Management where she leads the talent programs for Comcast’s Central Division. She also serves as a liaison for Central Division’s DE&I (Diversity, Equity and Inclusion) and ERG (Employee Resource Group) initiatives.

What does a typical workday look like for you?
I have the pleasure of leading talent programs, which includes the University Relations program here in the Central Division. We're actually going up to one hundred interns next year. In addition to early-career initiatives, we started the On the Rise program for outgoing seniors coming straight into the workplace for finance. So, my day-to-day varies right now. Because of the COVID pandemic, last year we were focused on creating all virtual internships. Right now, it’s making sure my team is supported throughout the recruitment process. From a DE&I perspective, we’re making sure the strategy focuses internally by creating a purposeful plan that includes and engages employees.

How do you like to decompress and unwind after work?
I love to do anything that focuses on my health and wellness. I like to work out, do yoga, and when the weather is nice, I’ll go for a run. I also have my Peloton, but my favorite activity is going to Orange Theory!

Pre-COVID, my friends and I would get together and do things, but that looks a little different now.

How do you feel supported?
I'm fortunate to have leaders and sponsors within the organization that I can talk to - whether it’s seeking advice and or just to help guide me. They’ve helped me shift how I approach the day-to-day, helped me see my own greatness, and have been my biggest cheerleaders.

Recently I had a couple of deaths in my family and Comcast was just amazing. I think they just showed me a whole different perspective of what family can be.

Any moments at Comcast that make you particularly proud?
I would say the relaunch of our University Program because we had to launch it from scratch. We started with just a handful of students and it’s grown to having representation from colleges everywhere – including Harvard and 6 HBCUs. This is something we created from Z to Z and it worked. Our interns are here the entire summer and they're given a curriculum. It’s not just, ‘hey, come on board’ and then ‘see-ya!’ in 11 weeks.

A lot of what we have done has been adopted by other divisions. And last year we were able to prove it can be done virtually. Just being able to see it go from a whiteboard of ideas to actually watching these young adults coming into our organization is great.

Is there anything about working at Comcast that would surprise people?
I always say Comcast is the biggest smallest company you will ever work for. What I like about the organization – and which really shocked me coming in - was that I could have an impact if I wanted to. It’s up to you. If you're OK with sharing ideas, being creative, and going the extra mile, you can make an impact.

Any advice for people looking to work at Comcast?
You don't necessarily have to land where you start. I call it a spiderweb - you have to be really open to taking chances and opportunities, whether it’s taking on projects and stretch assignments or getting in front of the right people to advance yourself. I always tell everybody, don't expect other people to advance you. You have to get out there and hustle and do what you need to do to get there. There are no glass ceilings for me.