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Meet Kaila: Black Film & TV Editor at Comcast

Kaila is the Black Film & TV Editor for the Xfinity X1, Stream and Flex platforms. She lives in Nashville, TN and oversees the scheduling, programming, and maintaining of Black Film & TV, which now includes the Black Voices. Black Stories destination.

Kaila's Comcast Journey
My journey at Comcast started in 2015 after receiving my M.S. in Television Management from Drexel University. I started off doing editorial programming for the Multicultural destination on X1. I programmed content for a variety of customer bases including African American, International, and Asian American. After my first year the Black Film & TV destination was officially launched and I now manage all of the editorial in that space including movies, shows, music, podcasts, and web content. As an Xfinity Editor I also have the pleasure of being a part of Xfinity Hangouts, a series of on-camera celebrity interviews that connect our customers to the stars they love. I’ve had the amazing opportunity to sit down and chat with celebs about their upcoming shows, hobbies, and everyday life. I feel like my journey is just now beginning and I’m looking forward to what the future will bring!

Comcast Culture
The culture at Comcast is unlike any other. We are creative, innovative, and highly value integrity and respect. We welcome new ideas and are always looking for ways to improve and excel in this industry. Nothing is stagnant here, we’re always moving forward, something I personally admire. My creative work keeps me on my toes and I love it.

Memorable Moments with Comcast
One of the key moments that I’ll never forget is traveling with my team to the American Black Film Festival in Miami. We are able to mingle and chat with real Xfinity customers and bring awareness to Black Film & TV. It wasn’t until after that experience that I truly realized how much of an impact my work has on customers and how they view the Xfinity brand.

Typical Day

Morning Routine
- Always starts with a prayer
- Breakfast is a MUST!
- Catching up on social media
- Editorial programming for Black Film & TV
- Supporting various editorial stunts & priorities
- Working with multiple networks and content providers
After Work
- Watching favorite shows and movies
- Reading bedtime stories to her daughter
- Online window shopping

Favorite Celebrity Interview
My favorite celebrity interview so far has been with the one and only Spike Lee. We talked about his new movie Da 5 Bloods, happenings in the black community, his favorite era of music, and more. We had an amazing conversation and he even left me with encouraging words of wisdom. He’s the best!

Advice for Anyone Interested in Joining Comcast
I would simply advise anyone interested in joining Comcast to just be themselves. Comcast is a place where you can be your most authentic self and bring new ideas and perspectives to the table.