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Meet Kaila: Black Film & TV Editor at Comcast

Kaila is the Black Film & TV Editor for the Xfinity X1, Stream and Flex platforms. She lives in Nashville, TN and oversees the scheduling, programming, and maintaining of Black Film & TV, which now includes the Black Voices. Black Stories destination.

Kaila's Comcast journey
I am originally from Northern Virginia, just about an hour south of D.C. and I came to Philly when I started my master's program at Drexel University.  The director at my master's program at Drexel told me Comcast was looking for somebody for a new role. At the time, it sounded completely different from what I do now but he suggested I apply and see how it goes. I applied and well, I have been with Comcast since 2015. When I first joined the company, I was the editor for the larger multicultural destination but after about a year or so, black film and TV was launched as its own menu and now I just focus solely on African-American content.

Comcast culture

Once I arrived, I experienced the culture of Comcast first hand. I saw the support and communication that we get from senior leadership. You don't feel like you are just a number at Comcast, even though we are a huge company with so many employees. I'm on a team that is really making an impact. We keep moving forward. We don't stay in one place and we're not stagnant. 

Memorable moments with Comcast

One of the key moments that I'll never forget is traveling to the American Black Film Festival, which is held in Miami every single summer. 

My team and I went down there to be a part of that experience.  Creative energy was just flowing. We were able to bring awareness about Black film and TV and to talk to the community. The highlight was talking to real Xfinity customers so we could learn more about what they think about our content, what they learned and what they want to know more about. Traveling somewhere where you can directly interact with customers and really see what they think and what they value was amazing!

Typical Day

Morning Routine
- Kaila has been working remotely from Tennessee for the past couple of years 
- She gets up and "goes to work" and gets her day started!
- Researching relevant TV/Movie content 
- Collaborating with marketing and public relations 
- Working with programming
After Work
- Watch TV: It's an essential part of her job and she loves it 
- Read (when her infant allows it!)
- Bake: Kaila loves to bake and share the goodies with neighbors

Favorite celebrity interview
My favorite celebrity interview so far has probably been Spike Lee. That was one of the most nerve wracking things I've ever had to do. But he was very genuine and very nice. 

Advice for anyone interested in joining Comcast
It is definitely OK to fail. I think failure is actually an important part of being an innovative company, because without that, we wouldn't know which wrong turns we are making.