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Meet Jon: Senior Fellow, Comcast Labs

Jon Moore a Senior Fellow at Comcast Cable, part of the Comcast Labs team researching advanced technologies for the company. Over his career, Jon has been a researcher, management consultant, network engineer, small business owner, tech lead, architect, and technology executive.

“I don’t think I’ve had a traditional career trajectory at Comcast,” begins Jon, who was recently named Senior Fellow at Comcast. It’s a position he considers the next step in his 15-year career at Comcast. Passionate about technology, Jon’s held several different roles, lead small teams, and started new departments, but he’s happy to become an individual contributor again. “I really wanted to be able to focus my attention and dive deep on some technology and get my hands dirty - and really devote all of my brain cells to understanding a new area of technology, which is harder to do when you're responsible for a bigger team.”

The Beginning

Jon’s passion for technology began at an early age – writing computer programs around the age of 10. “I’ve always loved software and programming in general,” notes Jon. “The idea of being able to create something and have it work is super satisfying.” After high school, Jon attended Carnegie Mellon and graduated with a dual degree in Mathematics/Computer Science. Shortly after, he received a PhD in Computer Science and Information from the University of Pennsylvania.

Following His Passion

For Jon, his passion for technology and learning guided his career journey. His “what’s the new thing I can learn” approach led him to discover new career opportunities including a postdoctoral researcher and running his own IT Consultant firm. It wasn’t until the age of 30 that Jon found himself at Comcast and in the role of an actual software engineer – and plenty of new opportunities to grow. “Comcast has a very entrepreneurial culture,” says Jon. “There’s a high degree of open-mindedness here.” Because the business is always changing, notes Jon, there’s always new things to do. “I could always be satisfied inside the company somehow. That’s why I’m still here - on my fourth or fifth career inside of Comcast.”

Jon Moore's career journey at Comcast

Making an Impact

When asked about one of his proudest career moments at Comcast, Jon says, “I was a tech lead for a project called OnDemand Online and it was arguably the first over-the-top kind of Web-based video offering of actual cable content put forward by the industry.” Launched in 2009, OnDemand Online allowed Comcast customers to log online (to what is now Xfinity Stream) and access premium video content if they subscribed. “Everybody does that now,” he says, “but I was tech lead for a project that made it a reality and a cable industry first.”

Culture @ Comcast

When it comes to describing what it’s like to work at Comcast, Jon says the culture is both ambitious and collaborative. What’s unique, he says, is even though it’s a Fortune 40 company and everyone one is busy, people take the time to help one another – whether it’s a question about a project you’re working on or just career advice.  “It’s a culture of mutual respect,” says Jon. “Even the most senior leaders are very accessible here.”