A Dash of Persistence and a Pinch of Strategy: Comcast Sales Director Shares Recipe for Sales Success

We sat down with Lori McCaffrey, Director of Enterprise Sales at Comcast to find out more about her career in sales, advice she would give to those entering the field, and how Comcast invests in the career growth and development of its employees.

How did you get started in sales?

I was a marketing major in college. Businesses were doing campus recruiting. I was interested in sales. I thought I had the disposition and the interpersonal skills necessary to be successful. 

What advice would you give someone thinking about starting a career in sales?

Make sure you are being realistic when assessing your skill sets to ensure you have the qualities to be successful in sales. Also think long and hard about what industry you’d like to work within. It makes a big difference.

What kind of skills do you think are necessary to have a successful career in sales?

It requires great discipline, persistence, interpersonal skills, strategy, and problem-solving skills. Determine if you are better suited to a hunting role (focused on closing as many deals as fast as possible) or a farming role (focused on developing long-term customer relationships). 

Sales is primarily a male-dominated field. What impact does that have on women that are in or entering the field?

I think that fact alone gives women an advantage. Women have so much to offer and can build a very rewarding and lucrative career in sales. If you think you have what it takes to be successful don’t let fear stop you. Jump in and give it a shot! 

Why start a sales career at Comcast?

Comcast has great products and services and is committed to providing its customers with a great experience. The company provides fantastic compensation plans and the benefits are second to none!

For women in particular, how does Comcast support the growth of their employees?

Comcast is a great company overall but it is an especially good place for women. Comcast values women and is committed to creating a diverse workforce. Comcast is looking for ways to promote women. Comcast has women in leadership roles in all departments not just HR. Women are valued at Comcast!