Meghan, Comcast Business Sales Leader, poses in front of Comcast Business sign

Comcast Business Sales Leader Shares 5 Tips on Turning Risky Business Into Career Security

When Meghan Mayes graduated from college, she found herself in the unfortunate position of navigating her way through a slow job market, where opportunities were slim to none. After considering her options, Mayes decided to take a risk and accept a sales position at Comcast – a field she never would have previously considered. 
“I figured I loved helping people and if I could sell a product or service that helped people and I believed in, I would do great,” recalls Mayes.
Fast forward 10 years later and that risk turned out to be a stepping stone in Mayes’ career journey to a successful sales leader. As the Business Services Sales Director at Comcast, Mayes oversees sales growth for small-to-medium business customers in the North Florida area.
Mayes reveals, “Taking that risk and joining the Comcast family was the best decision of my life.” She also shares some important tips that have helped her during her career:

1. Be brave and never doubt yourself.  Mayes didn’t let her lack of experience stop her from entering a new career in sales. Instead, she decided to overcome her fear and challenge herself. “Always have the courage to go for what you want,” says Mayes.

2. Create your brand. Create a personal brand to communicate your personality, skills, and values. “This will help you stand out from the rest,” adds Mayes.

3. Create a goal for yourself every day. Establishing short term goals will help you reach your long-term career goals. It’s also important to utilize the tools available to you to help you reach your goals. “Comcast gives you the tools, knowledge and training to prepare you to be successful,” says Mayes. “The opportunity to grow is limitless.”

4. Find a mentor. Mayes highly encourages everyone to seek out mentors and to seek and learn from the constructive criticism they give you. “Everything I have learned has come from criticism from others,” remarks Mayes. “When people give you advice, take it,” says Mayes.

5. Build strong relationships. Grow your network and establish relationships with peers and direct reports. One way to do this is to join an Employee Resource Group (ERG). As part of Comcast’s commitment to growing a diverse workforce that reflects the communities it serves,  Comcast currently has eight ERG groups that includes more than 20,000 members. As a member of the Women’s Network Resource Group at Comcast, Mayes suggests joining an employee resource group to help grow your network and gain exposure to new opportunities.